Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dinosaurs--week 3

A few of the books from previous weeks are still left, so we'll be working on reading those, as well as adding a few more shone below.  We will also be working on finishing the mural mentioned in last week's lesson and perhaps begin work on a papier mache dinosaur.  To bring the dinosaurs and the world they live in more alive, we will also be watching some videos about dinosaurs.  In addition to the nonfiction DVDs, we will also be watching Jurassic Park and discuss why it is fiction.

Books used this week:

Videos to be watched: 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dinosaurs--week 2

This week, we will continue the March of the Dinosaurs by continuing using the "funsheets" from on dinosaurs and reading the books we didn't get to yet last week.  We will also be adding a few more books (see below) and beginning to put together murals on the wall of this time period.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Monsters vs. Dinosaurs

Today, we will be transitioning from the talk of monsters to dinosaurs.  We'll be discussing some things that are similar and different between monsters and dinosaurs.  We'll begin discussing the Mesozoic era using this page as a focus/coloring page.  We will also be doing some "funsheets" from the Learning Pages Theme Unit on dinosaurs.  We'll be reading (or looking at, in some cases) whatever books we have around here on dinosaurs as well.  This should take us the rest of the week and may take us into next week as well.

In no particular order, some of the books we have lying around here on or about dinosaurs: