Sunday, February 27, 2011


Lately, S has been saying he doesn't want to be alone anywhere in the house because he's "scared".  Today, we will be addressing that through stories, discussions, and activities.  We will be reading the book selections listed below, then discuss his fears.  We will discuss things we can do to help deal with the fears, perhaps by making a batch of "Monster Spray" or setting policies to do chores earlier in the evening when he's not so tired and imaginations aren't running so wild.  As part of this discussion, we will also make an art project as described here.  We will also complete a worksheet on fear to try to gain control of it.  We will also be doing this worksheet on telling time.  We may also use play-dough or another medium to give shape to the fears so they can be squashed, literally and metaphorically.



  1. Awe, really neat. I hope the fear goes away soon, too!

  2. Me too. So far it hasn't so we decided to spend a couple more days on the monster theme (using the same materials and supplementing with educational computer games) to hopefully get it worked through.